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Steel Sleepers are an innovative new concept for the landscaping and retaining wall market. The Sleeper design was created when some retaining walls were constructed using traditional timber and concrete sleepers. It was quickly observed that the weight involved (almost 80kg) with concrete sleepers and their tendency to crack and chip made for a difficult installation process without the proper equipment.

Natural characteristics of timber made the longevity of the wall too short, the sleepers moved during the seasons, as the wet and dry cycles worked away at the sleeper’s appearance and shape, leaving the wall looking weathered after only a few years.

Surly there is a better and easier way to construct retaining walls. Thus the Steel Sleeper was designed.

Steel Sleepers Australia is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of steel sleepers.

We supply Australian-made steel sleepers to landscaping suppliers, retaining wall specialist companies, builders and associated businesses and trades throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

Designed and manufactured locally by a family-owned business with over 15 years of experience in the steel industry, Steel Sleepers Australia are proud to bring you the Steel Sleeper.

Five Star Advantages of Steel Sleepers



Superior Strength


Superior Longevity


Much Lighter & Easier to Cart


Fully Recyclable


Easy To Cut


Lighter to Transport


Why Choose Steel Sleepers


Steel Sleepers offers superior strength for a fraction of the weight. At only 13.5kg for a 2m sleeper, they are 5x lighter than concrete and almost 2x lighter than treated pine.

A typical 2m concrete sleeper can weigh up to 80 kg a piece.
A typical 2.4m treated pine sleeper can weigh up to 28 kg a piece.

The lighter weight of a steel sleeper helps with transport costs and installation time by not having to hire machinery and grabs to help lay the sleepers.

It’s easy to cut the steel sleepers on site if required and this also means no dust!

The hot dip galvanised finish offers superior longevity of product life when installed in accordance with the product installation guidelines.

Once your retaining wall has reached its end of life (a long time from now!) all materials are fully recyclable and can be melted down and given a new life as another steel product. You could even be paid for the scrap you have!

Steel Sleepers have been fully engineer-certified for use in your next project.

Steel Sleepers Australia are 100% Australian-made and owned.

Our Steel Sleepers come in standard sizes of 2m and 2.4m and custom lengths can be manufactured upon request

Uses, Applications & Colours


Steel Sleepers can be used in constructing all types of retaining walls.

Steel Sleepers can also be used where tight access or steep job sites make the transporting and laying of sleepers more difficult.

Steel Sleepers can be used in a decorative pattern design eg, mixing colours or even leaving them ungalvanized for that rustic garden look.

Galvanised Steel Sleepers make perfect retaining walls for sheds, stables or even arenas.

Sleepers come in a variety of finishes and colours.

Galvanised sleepers are a common alternative to plain grey concrete. This finish is extremely hard-wearing and durable.

Sleepers can be sold ungalvanized for that rusty decorative garden look. (Bear in mind this might reduce the longevity of the product, but in most cases should still see the sleeper last well beyond 20 years).

Sleepers can be powder coated after galvanising to still provide excellent corrosion resistance.

Textured powder coating offers a more hard-wearing and UV-stabilised option. These can be matched to any colorbond colour!

Powder-coated sleepers offer a decorative and clean appearance. These are very popular for use below a colorbond fence so the sleeper can match the fence colour.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I expect a Steel Sleeper to last?

The Steel Sleepers should have no problem lasting as long as the uprights it is installed into. With correct drainage, the retaining wall will have many decades of service life.

Are the Steel Sleepers as strong as concrete?

Yes, we carefully engineered the sleepers to directly compete with concrete sleepers. Careful consideration has been given to material thickness to offer similar strength at a competitive price.

How high can Steel Sleepers go?

The gereric engineering will allow for a 1.8m wall height. However, depending on soil conditions specific to your site, an engineer may be able to increase the height.

How deep should my posts go into the ground?

As a general rule, the post should be in the ground as much as it is out of the ground (so an 800mm high wall should be at least 800mm in the ground. 1600mm overall).

Can I paint the sleepers myself?

Absolutely! We encourage this as it can be cheaper than powder coating options.
Simply use a primer undercoat to help adhesion to the gal surface and use any outdoor paint you like. We find that the same products you paint the outside of a house with offers very good wear and UV protection properties.
This also means you can paint the uprights to match as well.

Can I cut a Steel Sleeper?

Yes! Once you have cut the sleeper, a quick spray with a 99% zinc-based cold GAL treatment is all that is required.

Can I pick up the sleepers with a ute or trailer?

Due to the light nature of Steel Sleepers, most small walls can be collected with your own vehicle. At 13.5kg for a 2m sleeper, you can save on expensive delivery costs by collecting them yourself.

Can you provide engineering data for Steel Sleepers?

Absolutely, our Engineering/Data sheets are available on request.

Can I build my own retaining wall?

Yes! It has never been easier to install a retaining wall yourself. The lightweight nature of this product means even novice DIYers can easily handle this product.

Where to Buy, Trade & Re-Seller Enquiries

Silvan Timber, in Silvan, currently has a display and keeps Steel Sleepers products onsite. They supply customers throughout Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, Yarra Valley and the Dandenong Ranges.
Please contact their friendly team for all sales enquiries.

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Trade and reseller enquiries are welcome for Steel Sleepers Australia Steel Sleepers from other Melbourne and Victorian areas. Our contact details can be found below or simply email us using our contact form.

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